Love isn’t blind. Love makes you blind.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne

I came to realize something last night. I have been so caught up in my quest to find, be with or return to the love of my life that I lost all sight the other things that believe in.

In the beginning of my past relationships I had always had sight of what I believe in. My morals and goals I have for myself are stronger then that quest. It is human to seek companionship but is it human to give up everything for someone?

In hind sight, I didn’t so much give it up as much as I forgot about it. The feeling of being in love made me lose the greater purpose in my life; fighting for what I believe in.

This post isn’t particularly like the others but for good reason. It’s about being more then someone who is constantly seeking love. Be who you are, stand for what you believe in and I honestly think the one love of your life with be doing the same. Strong mutual views creates a stronger love.