Kettle of Emotions.

Tonight, I received a call from my ex (jay, see bittersweet endings).

Right off the bat I knew it was not going to be the easiest conversation to have. He admitted to being drunk. He poured out his heart to me, admitting to thinking I was his “soul mate”. Admitting to loving me and that he had never stopped.

18 months ago this would have been a dream come true. Its just hard to return to something you know failed. I never gave up but our relationship was never together to be broke. Never together to succeed, hence instant failure.

I admit that I have seen myself with him for the entirety of my life. My problem is partly that I am scared for the commitment and fear of result. Fear that if it could have been so easy for him to leave someone for me what says it won’t be easy for him to leave me? He pressured me to answer him if I wanted to be with him.

Is it right to pressure someone in to being with you?

Is it love if you are pressured in to something?

Is it right to return to someone you feel doesn’t respect you?

I don’t think so.