Closed Chapter.

Recently I have been thinking about one of my ex’s who I dated about a year ago. I have the tendency to think about him. He made a big impact in my life.

He didn’t so much do what my last ex did, he didn’t give me self respect or self worth. What Jay did was opened my eyes about dating. Thursday night we had a long phone conversation. We talked about our past. We never officially became a couple but we acted like we were therefore he is my ex. Not ex-boyfriend or ex-love but just an ex. He told me that there was a reason why he didn’t every make it official and because of that reason he looked for love elsewhere.

I won’t lie that at some point I hated him. The thing is with him I didn’t do what I did with my recent ex; I didn’t tell him how I truly felt about him. Those feelings have come and goes but this talk (as far as I know) closes a chapter in my life.