Revelations and Exceptions

2013 was not a very eventful year in my love life. There were very view people I even dated because I spent most of my time living an actual life. But, there are a few things that called for thinkable moments.

I realize that I don’t think I am ready for someone in my life. I like the idea but when it comes to some showing a real opportunity for me to be something more I freeze then run. I did this last week, when someone asked me out on a date. Nice guy but I can tell he is relationship material. I finally figured out how to be alone. I want to get comfortable alone before someone joins my life party.

Also, I have started expecting more from myself. When I first starting write I was needless to say, soft. I wanted everything to be like a chick flick. A guy fighting for me and fighting all odds to be with me. But then I realize, that is fiction and I live in reality. Most guys wont tell you their true feelings with out some kind of code, much less fighting all odds. I no longer expect fantasy but I do expect respect as a person.

Respect given is respect received. So, if the person treats you like you are special then return the sentiment. Other wise, why are you in the relationship? The one guy I did date never knew what he wanted and talked to me with disrespect. Implying vaulter things when his mood changed. I still gave him respect till the last time he called me a name. I was fed up and made sure he understood I was ending it.

I don’t mind if you don’t give me a ring or pay for everything but respect is something I expect. Two years ago, I would have still let him treat me like that and wonder when he would figure out how valuable I was. Low self-esteem=low expectations.

The Great Expectations

What is your type? Tall, dark and handsome or funny, smart and creative.

As much as we should know what we want there is a difference between preferences and types. Types are limiting; preferences are not.

I say limiting because some one might be wonderful but you won’t date them because…they don’t have blue eyes or are from a certain place. It is understandable to have expectations like they have to have a job or understand your religious views but not things like hair and eye color. I had a discussion with a good friend on this subject and he told me; if you have a type you will eventually be dating the same person with a different face.

For the most part that is a fact. There was a time when I loved the bad boys but that was the point they were bad. As much as I liked that type they didn’t ever had any of my preferences besides music taste. See preferences are just that. You would prefer the person to have them but you would date they even if they didn’t because you are have a connection. Types are what you restrict yourself to dating.

Don’t limit yourself. If you really want someone that bad do you really have the right to be picky?