It’s that time of year again. Everyone is getting married (or at the least) engaged. As a solider of love, I am happy that people can find the ones they want to spend their lives with.

The only thing is that I won’t congratulate people.These days, marriage has lost its special meaning. In about 30 years, I will congratulate the couple for making their marriage work for so long. Marriage is supposed to mean something that lasts. It is supposed to be your last commitment of love.

This is why I have also said in the past that someone as young as myself should not be getting married. We have not earned the knowledge to be married, to know what it takes to be with one person and only one.

We have just received a taste of freedom being away from family and parents. 2-3 years does not suffice for enough time to learn what you need for yourself. If you don’t not know what you need, how will you know what your mate needs from you?

Celibacy:The Ice Cream Revelation

Not too long ago I decided to take a vow of celibacy. I did it as a way to discover more about the world and my self with out sexual distractions. Celibacy is, in my eyes, is something that needs to be done at some period in our lives.

I have taken time to get to know my true feelings about sex with out the distract on it, kind of a whole outside looking in thing. What I noticed is sex with out love is as boring as ice cream with no flavor.

Let’s say you like strawberry ice cream. We don’t necessarily like need ice cream nor is it good for us, but strawberries are. So if we had unflavored ice cream why would we eat if the thing that brought us in was the flavor? 

Sex is the same way, why would we want it if there is no love there. We don’t really it need it and no love makes it boring. If there is no love in love making is there really a physical reason to do it when we live in an age of independence?

The Great Expectations

What is your type? Tall, dark and handsome or funny, smart and creative.

As much as we should know what we want there is a difference between preferences and types. Types are limiting; preferences are not.

I say limiting because some one might be wonderful but you won’t date them because…they don’t have blue eyes or are from a certain place. It is understandable to have expectations like they have to have a job or understand your religious views but not things like hair and eye color. I had a discussion with a good friend on this subject and he told me; if you have a type you will eventually be dating the same person with a different face.

For the most part that is a fact. There was a time when I loved the bad boys but that was the point they were bad. As much as I liked that type they didn’t ever had any of my preferences besides music taste. See preferences are just that. You would prefer the person to have them but you would date they even if they didn’t because you are have a connection. Types are what you restrict yourself to dating.

Don’t limit yourself. If you really want someone that bad do you really have the right to be picky?