The Cat and Mouse’s Love Game

Relationship “pregaming” is fun or confusing. This, I realized, talking to a dear family member. You can talk to someone for months considering a relationship but the final moment is determined our past, unfortunately.

Past relationships can do a lot of damage, especially if you being in an abusive one (physically or emotionally). The thing is the younger you are when it happens the more damage its going to cause in the long run. I know this from first hand experience. I was in an emotionally abusive relationships for almost 2 years.

All the thing that happened has effect relationships with anyone since. See anyone who has dealt with this kind of stuff can become victim to “the cat and mouse” effect (yep, made up another one). This is where some one can have genuine feelings for someone but has an issue to commit because they prefer the chase.

Obviously this sounds like something someone would do intentionally but there is a catch. They do it to have control over a situation. Having being with someone who was abusive and/or controlling it is only natural to want to control a situation so it doesn’t become what they had before. When the commitment come it becomes difficult to control a situation hence the person backing out.

My question is; Are we ever really over every relationship or are the relationship “battle wounds(trauma)” lessons learned? Just remember, not all relationships are not the same so give a genuine person a chance.