It’s that time of year again. Everyone is getting married (or at the least) engaged. As a solider of love, I am happy that people can find the ones they want to spend their lives with.

The only thing is that I won’t congratulate people.These days, marriage has lost its special meaning. In about 30 years, I will congratulate the couple for making their marriage work for so long. Marriage is supposed to mean something that lasts. It is supposed to be your last commitment of love.

This is why I have also said in the past that someone as young as myself should not be getting married. We have not earned the knowledge to be married, to know what it takes to be with one person and only one.

We have just received a taste of freedom being away from family and parents. 2-3 years does not suffice for enough time to learn what you need for yourself. If you don’t not know what you need, how will you know what your mate needs from you?

Puppy Love

New relationships are like a new pet, in the beginning you must give a lot of attention and get them used to you. In essences, you must nurture it for it to be strong.

A few days ago I agreed to be in a new relationship that has been along time waiting. He is a wonderful person but a bit young. When I say young I mean that I am not quite sure he understands the gist of being in an adult relationship.

I try my best to be gentle when something bothers me and tell him kindly. I am not quite sure if he understands that little things like not showing much affection or not even just holding my hand hurts. I am not the type of person to get angry and seek revenge or nag his ear off. The way I do it is when we have time it is one discussion about it. Since he is young in the way he thinks about relationships… I do the high school thing and just write a note. Notes seem to work according to me ex’s mother.

See relationships, like puppies, need attention. You can’t just have one and not pay attention to it or the person in it. If you don’t they are bound to stray away and run away.